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Social Media Emerges in Politics

Social Media Emerges in Politics

By: Austin Jensen “It won’t be a question of how candidates use social media, but what candidates are saying on social media, and I think that’s good for the democratic process.” November 4th is quickly approaching, and with it, commercials upon commercials of political campaign advertising.  We see it every time we get close to … Continue reading

Fred Hoiberg Turns Into A Social Media Celebrity

By Thomas Lashier “I think social media is going to be the end of us. I really do.” Can you guess who made that statement on February 24th? Your grandfather? Some crotchety old geezer, behind the times and afraid of computers? Guess again. It was beloved Ames native and Iowa State head basketball coach, Fred … Continue reading

Why Twitter Trumps Facebook

By Thomas Lashier Facebook might be the 1.23 billion-users-Goliath of social media but if you want true, unfiltered interaction with other people online, you need to be on Twitter. While Facebook is a great place for brands to start on social media, it certainly isn’t the only (or even the best) option for them. Twitter … Continue reading

Publish Posts That YOU Want To See

By Thomas Lashier It seems like a simple concept: if you want people to interact with your brand’s posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. you should ask yourself why you use those networks in the first place. What do you want to see on Facebook? What kind of tweets do you retweet when you … Continue reading

3 Basic Twitter Skills To Master

By Thomas Lashier Happy Monday! Oxymoron? Maybe, but nevertheless we will forge onward on our quest to bring your local business more customers through social marketing. We’ve covered an array of Twitter topics on this blog, including when to tweet and how to find potential prospects on Twitter. Today we are focusing on the basics: 3 … Continue reading

Find Customers On Twitter

By Thomas Lashier Welcome back to another short blog on how to utilize social media to help grow your business (for free)! If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably set up a company Twitter profile to interact with prospects and customers. Maybe you even listened to us and figured out the best time to tweet. … Continue reading

#FAILFriday: Quality vs. Quantity

By: Austin Jensen In this day and age, it seems like every organization is already on social media or needs to be in order to compete.  It is becoming more and more of a true statement that if your competition has a Twitter or Facebook account and you do not, then you are losing the … Continue reading

When Is The Best Time To Tweet?

By Thomas Lashier You’re on Twitter. You have figured out what a hashtag is (you’re welcome).  But now how do you make sure your tweet gets seen amongst the continuous feed of updates from your network? How do you know the best time to send out your tweets? Luckily for you, there are several good … Continue reading

What Is A Hashtag? Can It Help My Marketing?

By Thomas Lashier hash·tag [hash-tag] noun 1. (on social-networking websites) a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#), used within  a message to identify a  keyword or topic  of interest and facilitate a search for it. There. According to, that’s the definition of a hashtag. But you could have looked that up yourself, right? You came here to see how a hashtag really works on Twitter, Facebook, and more, and how your business could increase its marketing … Continue reading