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Social Media 101: What is a COMMENT?

Welcome back!  Last week we broke down what it means to LIKE a social post, and how that can affect you as an organization.  This week we will take social interaction one step further and look at COMMENTING.  We will primarily focus on the social media giant, Facebook, but this information will apply across most … Continue reading

Social Media Emerges in Politics

Social Media Emerges in Politics

By: Austin Jensen “It won’t be a question of how candidates use social media, but what candidates are saying on social media, and I think that’s good for the democratic process.” November 4th is quickly approaching, and with it, commercials upon commercials of political campaign advertising.  We see it every time we get close to … Continue reading

Publish Posts That YOU Want To See

By Thomas Lashier It seems like a simple concept: if you want people to interact with your brand’s posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. you should ask yourself why you use those networks in the first place. What do you want to see on Facebook? What kind of tweets do you retweet when you … Continue reading

VIDEO: Austin Has BIG News…

Austin is dying to sit down with you (anywhere) and tell you about our big news at Freaky Fresh! Next week on Wednesday, January 22nd, we will be releasing our newest free report that can help your business reach more people. We will be releasing our report: “10 Steps to Creating A Successful Facebook Photo Contest”, … Continue reading

When Should I Post On Facebook?

By Thomas Lashier You just spent the past week putting together a content calendar to organize your Facebook posts. You crafted a perfect Facebook post to drive people to like your company’s page or visit your website, then you posted it….and bust. No engagement. What went wrong? How come throngs of people didn’t flock to … Continue reading

#FAILFriday: Snapchat vs. Facebook

By Austin Jensen The news has spread like wildfire all over the world in the past couple days:  Facebook, the goliath of the social media world, recently proposed a $3 billion dollar cash offer to buy Snapchat. And Snapchat turned it down. Now, for those of you who are not sure what Snapchat is or why … Continue reading

Step-by-Step Guide: “Boosting” A Facebook Post

By Thomas Lashier We’re back with another free guide to promoting your business and this time, we’re focusing on Facebook’s “Boost Post” option. (Check out our previous post on creating custom Facebook tabs here.) If you manage a Facebook Page for a business or organization, you’ve probably seen this “Boost Post” button underneath your Page … Continue reading

What Are You Thankful For?

By Thomas Lashier Wow, is it really already November? It seems like this year is flying by. This month always brings with it the anticipation of the holidays and gorging ourselves with succulent turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie during Thanksgiving at the end of the month. In the spirit of Thanksgiving month, we wanted to … Continue reading