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Social Media 101: What is a COMMENT?

Welcome back!  Last week we broke down what it means to LIKE a social post, and how that can affect you as an organization.  This week we will take social interaction one step further and look at COMMENTING.  We will primarily focus on the social media giant, Facebook, but this information will apply across most … Continue reading

Snapchat Embarks into Marketing

Snapchat Embarks into Marketing

By: Austin Jensen Whether you want it or not, Snapchat just like all other social media networks, is finding a way to generate revenue.  This will be done through marketing.  Snapchat is brand new to the idea of marketing for organizations.  I remember the first sponsored advertisement that I had ever seen came in October. … Continue reading

Social Media Emerges in Politics

Social Media Emerges in Politics

By: Austin Jensen “It won’t be a question of how candidates use social media, but what candidates are saying on social media, and I think that’s good for the democratic process.” November 4th is quickly approaching, and with it, commercials upon commercials of political campaign advertising.  We see it every time we get close to … Continue reading

Donald Sterling and The Death of “Spin”

By Thomas Lashier Spin: (informal) the practice of presenting news or information in a way that creates a favorable impression That is how the World English Dictionary defines “spin”. And thanks to the emergence of social media, people like Donald Sterling can no longer use their influence to “spin” a news story to create a favorable impression of themselves. On Saturday, April 26th, the owner of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) … Continue reading

Fred Hoiberg Turns Into A Social Media Celebrity

By Thomas Lashier “I think social media is going to be the end of us. I really do.” Can you guess who made that statement on February 24th? Your grandfather? Some crotchety old geezer, behind the times and afraid of computers? Guess again. It was beloved Ames native and Iowa State head basketball coach, Fred … Continue reading

Why Twitter Trumps Facebook

By Thomas Lashier Facebook might be the 1.23 billion-users-Goliath of social media but if you want true, unfiltered interaction with other people online, you need to be on Twitter. While Facebook is a great place for brands to start on social media, it certainly isn’t the only (or even the best) option for them. Twitter … Continue reading

3 Mindlessly Simple Ways to Network on LinkedIn

By Thomas Lashier LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform. In the past 12 months, it has re-invented itself as a valuable content-distribution network featuring articles and posts by LinkedIn “Experts”: selected industry leaders who share their expertise with the wider network. Over 2.4 million people are registered on LinkedIn in Iowa alone, so what are … Continue reading