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If David + Goliath Were Marketers

If David + Goliath Were Marketers

This blog post is a special guest post by our talented friend, Diana Wright. Diana works at Dwolla in downtown Des Moines. Dwolla is a growing online payment system providing a mobile payment network, making moving your money easier (very fresh). All of us here in Des Moines are proud of Dwolla’s progress and continue to … Continue reading

WHOA. Where have I been the past month?

By Thomas Lashier Good Lord. You know it’s been awhile when you login and WordPress has gone through an upgrade since your last post (which was a gem, by the way). For me, that was in late April! What gives? Why was I, the co-owner of a digital marketing company, off the grid for so … Continue reading

Donald Sterling and The Death of “Spin”

By Thomas Lashier Spin: (informal) the practice of presenting news or information in a way that creates a favorable impression That is how the World English Dictionary defines “spin”. And thanks to the emergence of social media, people like Donald Sterling can no longer use their influence to “spin” a news story to create a favorable impression of themselves. On Saturday, April 26th, the owner of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) … Continue reading