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Two Friends, One Freaky Fresh Idea

thomas lashier austin jensen freaky fresh marketing

Check out the homemade t-shirts

Yep. That’s me. My name is Thomas Lashier, and I’m the one on the right with the stocking cap, looking like an idiot. But right next to me you’ll see my good friend Austin Jensen (looking only slightly less like an idiot). We’ve been hanging out, acting stupid, and dreaming big ever since we met back in 1992. We are also the proud co-owners of the freshest marketing company in Iowa: Freaky Fresh Marketing.

You may say that Austin and I have always been working toward this idea. Throughout our 20+ years of friendship, we had tinkered with marketing strategies without even realizing it. In third grade, we turned our neighborhood’s lemonade market on its head by opening the first “pop stand” on Nottingham Drive. In Sharpie, we created our first price-break marketing ploy:

“1 pop = $1.00 / Buy 3 pops = $3.00”. Genius.

thomas lashier austin jensen freaky fresh marketing

On top of the Empire State Building in NYC

As we went through school in Johnston, Iowa, and later at Iowa State University, we continued working on business ideas together (even if the parents had their doubts). We tried selling hot chocolate, operating a “Kids’ Camp” for our neighbors, and running a DVD rental shop out our basement.

At ISU, we printed cheap t-shirts that sold 100 shirts in under 30 minutes, earning us $1,000. Supply exceeded demand, so we put in a 2nd order (Econ 101). Sadly, ISU banned us from selling more shirts due to the lack of something called a “sales permit”.

Whatever. We were ready to move on to something more substantial.

In November of 2012, Austin and I met up for a few adult beverages at a local spot in Grimes, Iowa. It was there that we decided we wanted to get serious and go into business together.

The idea: to create a marketing company for all the small and emerging businesses in Des Moines and central Iowa. We are both lifelong Des Moines natives and are proud of the momentum that this city has achieved in recent years. We realized that our favorite local businesses didn’t have the time, money, or knowledge to compete with the big corporations when it came to social marketing. So we decided to do something about it.

Freaky Fresh Marketing would offer small businesses a local, affordable option to get their company’s story in front of more customers.

thomas lashier austin jensen freaky fresh marketing

During the ISU days

Through interaction with customers and prospects through social networks and email to eye-opening HD videos and custom content creation, we would help these companies bring in more customers. And in the process, we would get to work with the movers and shakers here in central Iowa.

One year in, I’m proud to say that we’re doing it. We are currently working with some fantastic companies (check out the Case Studies tab) and we’ve been happy to donate our services to some incredible non-profit organizations. We’re making our dreams come true after all these years, and for that, we thank you.

Take a look around the site for examples of what we’ve done, chime in on our blog discussions, and let us know if you would like to have us take a look at your social marketing.

Thank you for helping us realize a dream. And remember: STAY FRESH.

Give us a call at 515-423-0677 and check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ to get all the latest juice!

This video shows some behind-the-scenes footage of our fun day supporting the Variety Children’s Charity Radiothon in December 2013!

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