Social Media 101: What is a COMMENT?

Welcome back!  Last week we broke down what it means to LIKE a social post, and how that can affect you as an organization.  This week we will take social interaction one step further and look at COMMENTING.  We will primarily focus on the social media giant, Facebook, but this information will apply across most social platforms.  


It is easy to think that just by joining Facebook and continually updating your organization’s page that the engagement will begin to flock in.  I wish it were that easy, and back before Facebook started restricting organization’s post reach, it could have been possible.  Facebook continues to make it more difficult for organizations to pop up in the news feed of their audience.

There are two ways around this:

1)  To pay money to Facebook to have them pump your message out  (a.k.a Facebook Advertising)

2)  To continually come up with engaging material that your audience will want to engage with.

Let’s focus on option number two.  The key word there is ENGAGE.  Facebook rewards organizations that users engage with (Liking, Commenting, Sharing).  The more users interact with your posts, the more posts your audience will begin to see in their news feed.

Like I said in the previous paragraph, commenting is really the next step in engaging your audience.  As an organization, big or small, your goal with social media is always to generate engagement with your audience.  When someone comments on your post it means that they have gone one step further than simply LIKING that post.  Facebook sees when it’s users engage with organizations, and that can improve the organic reach of your messaging.

How can my organization encourage comments?  One of the best ways to encourage comments is by asking questions from your audience.  Facebook users WANT to be social, but as an organization you have to give them the proper opportunities to interact with you.  Posts with photos have also been proven to have higher engagement.

To comment on something:

  1. Click the Comment link under the post or in the white box that says Write a comment
  2. Type your comment
  3. Press enter or return to publish itCommentsBox



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