Snapchat Embarks into Marketing

By: Austin Jensen


Whether you want it or not, Snapchat just like all other social media networks, is finding a way to generate revenue.  This will be done through marketing.  Snapchat is brand new to the idea of marketing for organizations.  I remember the first sponsored advertisement that I had ever seen came in October.  It was a trailer for the release of the movie, Ouija.  This just so happened to be the first advertisement that Snapchat had ever run.  Advertisements like these will continue to show up more and more in your Recent Updates area.

Here is the exact advertisement that Snapchat ran for Ouija:

Just last night, I received a trailer for the release to Dumb and Dumber To.  I thought that this was very well done.  The great thing about these advertisements is that you still have to click and hold them to view the entire thing.  This puts the audience in the drivers seat.  Giving you the ability to watch the advertisement on YOUR time, and if you don’t want to watch the entire thing you do not have to.  This is pretty groundbreaking for advertising and these high quality, short videos can go a long way toward creating “buzz” for a brand.  Seeing that short video clip was a perfect attention grabber to remind me that the movie comes out this week.

Video trailers are an excellent way for Snapchat to begin its journey into brand marketing.   Movie trailers and music videos would be an excellent use of Snapchat marketing.  Brands that are not geared toward entertainment will need to figure out a way to create attention grabbing short video clips so that people actually hold for the entire advertisement.  This creates a very interesting dynamic in the world of marketing.  In my opinion, as long as my Snapchat feed is not overwhelmed by advertisements then I have no problem with viewing some of these short videos.

What are your thoughts on the use of Snapchat for marketing?


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