If David + Goliath Were Marketers

This blog post is a special guest post by our talented friend, Diana Wright. Diana works at Dwolla in downtown Des Moines. Dwolla is a growing online payment system providing a mobile payment network, making moving your money easier (very fresh). All of us here in Des Moines are proud of Dwolla’s progress and continue to cheer them on as they grow nationwide! Check out more of Diana’s work by visiting her personal blog: Inked by DW.

david goliath marketing marketers

By Diana Wright

“Tell me the story of David and Goliath,” the child eagerly demanded.

The story where the small and disadvantaged appearing David defeats the big and fearing monster known as Goliath.

“Tell me the story!”

Except now, adults and people of all ages still request for this story.  You see it in the movies, in your small town, sports all across the board, and sometimes in your own life.

It just never gets old.  The story of the underdog.  

And so, we really can’t help but cheer for the disadvantaged to finally become the hero in the end.

The David and Goliath story plot is actually one of seven basic types of stories that you find replicated in many mediums.  You see it in the true story of swimmer Diana Nyad.  Her Goliath?  Swimming 100 miles in the big and unknown Atlantic ocean with hundreds of jellyfish surrounding her. Another disadvantage?   She was 62 years old when she swam right into her Goliath and onward.

But let me give you a dose of my own personal David + Goliath in my life.   It’s called Dwolla and is the startup that I work for.   Dwolla is an online payment network that allows you to send and receive money at the lowest cost possible.   Dwolla’s Goliath?  Think PayPal, VISA and Mastercard.   Think changing the behavior of how people pay for things (cough swipe their cards).  Dwolla is truly a disruptor in the industry with the unconventional way we are building our network with the founder’s mind, Ben Milne.

Lastly, I’ll give you a David story getting attention as we speak from my hometown.  A restaurant that is an icon of Clear Lake, Iowa, was and is requesting for help before their next door neighbor Casey’s takes it over to make it dirt.  Dirt.  What is the owner doing to make sure he doesn’t take the easy way out to sell to a faceless corporation?  To play big against the Goliath?  He’s gotten a hold of the Food Network and applied to be on their show Restaurant Impossible.  A true David and Goliath story where hundreds of locals have already said they want to help the story continue.  And heck, if the Food Network wants to join, all the more!


Fast-forward to you, now.  You need to team up with a “David” for some strategic marketing to take down your Goliath. David sits across the table from you, but you don’t show your hesitation as you ask only one question:

“Are you our hero?”

It’s seems childish at first.  But think about it.  What obstacle or challenge do you face in your business or life?  And how can you play big and be nimble?  As soon as you figure out your strategy against Goliath, your fans cheer louder.  They watch and listen.


In business this is known as good storytelling.  Or as we say, good marketing.

So spin us your story.  How are you playing big as the underdog?

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