WHOA. Where have I been the past month?

By Thomas Lashier Good Lord. You know it’s been awhile when you login and WordPress has gone through an upgrade since your last post (which was a gem, by the way). For me, that was in late April! What gives? Why was I, the co-owner of a digital marketing company, off the grid for so long? I got married. Iowa State University Campanile Wedding On June 14th, I became the luckiest man in the world and married my very best friend. Sappy, I know, but true. We got married in Ames, Iowa, under the Campanile on the campus of Iowa State University (where we met). The weather cooperated except for a little wind, and everything turned out perfectly. One month later, and we’re still married! I think I must have this thing figured out. Of course, the social media geek in me created a #LashierWedding hashtag, so if you’re curious you can check that out on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

So my month of May was full of final preparation meetings, while June was spent meeting and greeting family and running around Ames like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. After the wedding, we took off for our honeymoon in Jamaica. Those people there are awesome… I’d highly recommend visiting if you get the chance. We had a great time in the sun doing nothing but drinking, eating, sleeping, and drinking.

When we returned from Jamaica, it was time to celebrate the 4th of July in Clear Lake, Iowa, which I do every year. The little town never disappoints and it was a fun weekend on the water, at the carnival, and at family gatherings.

4th of July Clear Lake Iowa

After almost puking up my dinner on the Fireball at the Clear Lake carnival

So, do you see how tough my life has been lately? I’ve been on vacation for essentially 3 weeks… all in beautiful places with a beautiful new wife. Rough stuff. So rough, in fact, that I think I need a nap already from all of this writing. And a strawberry daiquiri.

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