Myspace: “The Good, The Rad, and The What Were You Thinking?”


By: Austin Jensen


Are you are still active on Myspace?  Maybe about 10 years ago you were before Facebook swooped in.  Well, after about a decade of waiting, Myspace wants you back and they have a new method for trying to reel you in.  For example, these are two old profile photos from when myself (right) and my brother Andy used to be active on Myspace!

If you still have a Myspace account, like mine that has sat dormant for the past 10-12 years, then Myspace still has access to all of your old photos in its database of nearly 15 billion photos.  What would Myspace want with my outdated photos?  Im glad you asked.  The new marketing push for Myspace is to email members old photos of themselves with the tagline “The good, the rad, and the what were you thinking…”  This is all part of an effort by Myspace to peak user interest again and draw members back to their site.

I believe that this is a GREAT way to get people to click back into Myspace at least one time to take a look at the photos that they had posted a decade ago, but I do not think that this will be successful for Myspace in the long run.  Even if I wanted to reactivate my Myspace account there is still one major issue, this is not where the majority of my friends and family are these days.  However, you cannot deny the creativity of this marketing campaign for Myspace.  If nothing else it at least peaks old user interest again and gets people surfing through their old Myspace profiles and at the same time will be exposed to all of the recent changes that Myspace has made to its user interface.


Since being bought out by Justin Timberlake and Specific Media LLC back in August of 2003, Myspace has undergone several changes, and after sifting through my old profile, actually looks pretty cool.  If you remember, Myspace allowed it’s users to customize their profiles with a soundtrack of their liking to play whenever somebody entered onto their profile.  Myspace has since made some changes, but still has a heavy influence in the music industry.  Several music artists still use Myspace to showcase themselves and their music.


So, while I think this is an excellent plan by Myspace to get people looking through the new and improved Myspace experience, I still believe in the long run you will not see an overflow of people heading back toward Myspace.  The key word in social media is “social,” and for most people Myspace simply cannot offer the same “social” experience that Facebook and Twitter can.  This is because people are going to go wherever all of their friends and family are, and at this point Facebook holds that crown.  I do encourage you to at least go and check out your old Myspace profile.  It is fun to sift through your old photos and even look through the old photos of your friends.  While you are there you minds well check out all of the other improvements that Myspace has made.

These are just my thoughts, what are yours?  Will Myspace make a splash back into social media, or is this just a quick fix that cannot sustain?



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