#FAILFriday: Finding Your Voice on Different Social Platforms

By: Austin Jensen




This week’s #FAILFriday will be short and sweet!  Finding a unique voice for the different social platforms that your company uses can be tough, and it is a problem that we run into all of the time when companies come to us for help.  It is important to understand that whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, ect, that each network is used in a different way by your audience.  Many believe that social media is as simple as coming up with a post (message) for the day and putting it on each social network that your company has.  It is important to post at a consistent rate, but remember to do your research before posting.  Here are a couple ideas to keep in mind next time you are developing a digital marketing campaign.   I wrote this as a Fail Friday blog because there are many companies that use the same message across many different platforms and feel that is sufficient.  These companies are not using their social presence for all it is worth.

People use each social platform for different reasons and it is for that reason that you need to be able to understand how to best word your messages.  As a digital marketer you must know the reasons people are on different social platforms as well as who is using those platforms.   One example is with Pinterest.  Pinterest is a place for people to go and share things that they find to be interesting from recipes, clothing, to furniture in your home.  The main thing to remember when using Pinterest for your business is that Pinterest is primarily used by females.  This should be kept in mind when figuring out how to position your brand on Pinterest.  Now, let’s look at almost the opposite of the social spectrum over to Google+.  Google+ is used by a higher percentage of males than females in its early stages.  It is pretty safe to say that Facebook and Twitter can be seen as gender neutral for the time being.


Before you embark your brand into the world of digital marketing make sure that you have done your research.  It is a very powerful way to market if it is done correctly.  Another important demographic to take into consideration when developing your advertisements or posts is the age of users on those social platforms.



These are just a couple of examples of things to look out for when finding your voice on the various social platforms.  There are a lot more variables that can be factored in, but these are two broad categories to start with.    Like I said earlier, people are on different platforms for different reasons.  Instagram is all about photos and graphics.  Do not try to use the exact same message on Instagram that you would on Twitter.  Finding the correct voice for each platform will be an ongoing struggle for companies.  The more you know about who uses each platform the better off you will be at spurring interaction.

Let me know what you do to reach your target audience on your brand’s various social platforms.  Do you use the same strategy for LinkedIn as you do for Twitter?  How many social platforms do you use, and how do you change your message to accompany each platform?


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