Why Twitter Trumps Facebook

twitter beats facebook

By Thomas Lashier

Facebook might be the 1.23 billion-users-Goliath of social media but if you want true, unfiltered interaction with other people online, you need to be on Twitter. While Facebook is a great place for brands to start on social media, it certainly isn’t the only (or even the best) option for them. Twitter isn’t as big or as widely understood as Mark Zuckerberg’s big blue baby, but it does boast over 550 million users of its own and has been steadily improving its marketing functions for brands.

Unfiltered Conversation

Twitter is beautiful in that it allows you to see what people are talking about in real-time. Unlike Facebook, which places stories in your News Feed based on relevance, timeliness, and social buzz, Twitter simply puts everything in front of you in chronological order. You see exactly what people are saying, doing, or thinking exactly as they say, do, or think it. This lets your brand step in and talk with them as they are in the middle of that conversation. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Des Moines and they are in Dubai… you can have a real-time conversation.

Twitter Ads Perform Better

Despite the fact that Facebook gathers a lot more ad spend from brands, Twitter ads actually outperform Facebook ads. This news recently came out through the Wall Street Journal. Twitter ads generate significantly higher click-through rates, and as a result, many companies are looking to expand their Twitter ad campaigns. Some experts note that Twitter ads can be tightly connected to trending topics and hashtags, which improve their targeting and increase the likelihood of users clicking on the ad.

Search For Prospects

Twitter’s search functions are better than Facebook’s in that you can search for certain Twitter users that are tweeting about certain things. For us here at Freaky Fresh, we can search Twitter users within a 30 mile radius of Des Moines tweeting about marketing or advertising. Then, we can interact with these people and join their conversations in real-time.  If your brand is a local restaurant in Urbandale and you see someone is searching for a good spot for a business lunch, you can immediately share with them that you see lots of professionals enjoying your Cobb Salad. If someone from Ames is looking for a good hotel in Des Moines, your hotel brand can share your location and amenities with that traveller before that person ever needs to pick up a phone.

How do you use Twitter for your brand? Have you figured out what your voice is? Have you discovered your target audience on Twitter? What are your struggles in engaging the right people on Twitter? Share your thoughts with us below and we will try to answer your questions in our next blog!


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