#FAILFriday: YouTube WILL Make My Brand Viral

By: Austin Jensen

Last week I discussed content marketing from the stand point of written works.  This week I will talk about the importance of quality video content marketing.   When is comes to videos there is no bigger platform in the world than YouTube.  Over 6 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched each month, with 100 hours of video uploaded every minute.  These are some huge numbers that organizations, large or small, must pay attention to.  However, many organizations have the wrong idea about how to properly execute a marketing campaign via YouTube.  Here are a few traps that organizations will fall into when it comes to the vast world of YouTube.

youtube brand standard logo 1)  Simply Uploading a Video is NOT Enough.  Everyone always sees short YouTube videos going extremely viral with millions of views.  It is important to remember that these few videos are the exception to the rule when it comes to YouTube.  Sure, a lucky few may upload a video and within days it explodes with millions of eyes seeing it from all around the world.  I have spoken with several people that believe that this is what YouTube is.  If they can come up with a catchy clip about their brand then YouTube will do the work for them.  That is not correct at all.

Many successful videos posted by companies were part of a much larger launch plan.  The idea was not to create the video, put it on YouTube, and watch the views roll in.  The idea was to create the video, put it on YouTube, utilize other existing marketing channels to promote the YouTube video, and get as many people to interact with your brands video as possible.   Many people forget the fact that YouTube is a social network in its own way.  When I post a video to YouTube, I will use my other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to help promote the video.  It is important that as a marketer you plant the seed with your immediate audience through your preexisting channels and allow your friends and family to spread the word to their friends and family.  It is the beauty and power of social media!


2) Remember That Interaction is the Key to Success.  It is true, everyone loves to post a photo on Facebook and see how many LIKES it will receive.  YouTube is identical to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and almost any other social network in the fact that shear numbers means nothing.  It means nothing if your company’s Facebook page has 10,000 LIKES, but only receives 4 LIKES per post.  This means the company is driving zero interaction among its audience.  Interaction is the key to any successful social marketing effort, and that is no different for YouTube videos.  Companies should not be worried about the total number of views that they have brought in, but rather the interaction that has stemmed from those views.  For example, are people simply watching your video, or are they watching your video then choosing to share it on Facebook for all of their friends and family to see?


3) Small Business Fears.  I recently went to a marketing conference in Des Moines where the topic of videos was brought up during a Q&A session.  This certainly sparked my interest as it is very important in the world of marketing these days.  The expert told us that videos should not be attempted unless done well.  He said that a brand can hurt its image by uploading or producing something that looks childish and unprofessional.


I believe that there is a lot of truth to these statements, but I also feel like there is some breathing room.  I think that YouTube scares many small businesses away for the very reason that they cannot compete with the quality of videos that a company like Budweiser may produce and upload.  Small businesses function on a much smaller budget and probably do not have the money sitting around to hire an entire camera crew for their short YouTube clip.  This is why small companies need to use YouTube not as a single cannel in itself, but as a means to a much larger marketing campaign.  If you are going to spend a little money to hire a camera man then you need to make sure that you milk this video for everything that it is worth.  Have a purpose for the video, let it be the unveiling of a new product or service, promote the video on all of your companies social platforms, include links in email blast and include links on flyers.  Let the video be the bread and butter of a much larger movement for your company.

Social Media Youtube


YouTube is very useful for companies and should be utilized for all it is worth, the key is making sure that you are using it for all that it is worth.  I hope that some of these tips will help you and your company roll out its next YouTube video or even next series of videos.   Let me know how it went and any thoughts or questions that you may have!

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