#FAILFriday: Content Marketing for Sales

By: Austin Jensen

Content Flow Chart Blackboard

Hopefully, by this point all business owners have been exposed to the term “content marketing.”  Wikipedia defines content marketing as any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers.   Judging by this definition, one might assume that content marketing is yet another way to sell your products to your customers.  This has some truth to it, but at the same time it also could lead business leaders down the wrong path.  Allow me to tell you why I believe this:

Content marketing is a very simple way to stay top-of-mind with you audience.   The key word in that sentence is, AUDIENCE.  When a company starts getting involved in marketing through content they need to remember that this should not be viewed as a sales mechanism.  Your audience is already bombarded with opportunities to become your customers, and are not searching for another opportunity to be sold your product or service.


Companies should look to provide content on information that your audience will find valuable.  A solid approach to content marketing can separate the men from the boys when it comes to being viewed as an expert in your field.   Almost all of the content that we write at Freaky Fresh has the general purpose of solving problems that people may have like this one for example, 3 Basic Twitter Skills to Master.  By reading this blog people can learn more about Twitter.  People can read this blog, get the information they need, and at the same time have an idea of the services we provide without us actually trying to sell them.  Sometimes we even write content for the sole purpose of entertainment like this blog, Valentines Dinner at McDonalds.  Providing entertaining content can allow your audience to see the human side of your company, and enjoy your brand on a more relaxed level.

Content marketing is becoming a very important tool that all companies need to look to use in their marketing efforts.  If you are continually providing quality content that helps people solve problems, or just read, then your brand will always stay top-of-mind.  Even though people are reading our, “3 Basic Twitter Skills to Master,” to help them perform better on Twitter, the content is still being given to them through us, and they know that.  If companies can abandon the approach of using content marketing as another vehicle for selling their products then they can begin to establish a much more valuable experience to their customers.


Well written content can also help improve SEO for your company.  When people have an issue in your field of expertise you want your content to be the first thing that they stumble upon when they search for it.  Once they open it you want to keep them hooked.  People do not want to see a big chunk of text at the very beginning that explains your company and the products that you offer only to find a couple sentences to text that relate to the information they were searching for.

I hope that this gives you a fresh understanding on content marketing.  If you can learn to gear your content to an audience rather than to customers then you will do a better job of not using your content for sales.  There is a massive audience of people out there who have questions that they need answered, make sure that it is your company that answers those questions.  By doing this you can truly work to become top-of-mind!

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