#FAILFriday: Xanga

By: Austin Jensen

Ok be honest, how many of you used to have a Xanga profile?   I was one of those late adapters who set up a Xanga account just before its following started shifting to more powerful social media sites.  The aspect of Xanga that set it apart form the rest was the focus around being a blogging platform. However, this is not what Xanga creators had in mind as the core focus of this social media giant at the start.

When Xanga was launched in 1999 it was originally developed to be a site where users could go and give reviews on books and music.  Xanga never totally left its roots though, as the reviews slowly turned into blogs.  Slowly but surely, Xanga was turned into a blogging site where users were given their very own “Xanga site.”  This personal “site” included a blog, photoblog, videoblog, and even an audioblog.  I remember that my cousin used to use his Xanga site quite often, and his favorite component was the photoblog.


Blogs are an amazing method for creating content.  These days an organization’s ability to create their own content (blogs, white papers, etc.) is greater than ever.  Organizations are looking to be seen as “thought leaders” in their industries.  Writing quality content adds value to your organization as well as boosts your SEO rankings.  In 2014, it will be all about the added value of quality content writing.  It is almost like Xanga could see into the future, because the three words marketers need to remember in 2014 is: “content is king.”


So why did Xanga slowly lose steam as a social media platform?  You would assume in these days where “content is king” that a blogging site would be more useful than ever.  Well, just like many others who have come and gone, more powerful platforms have come into the picture.  In Xanga’s case, the major competitors turned out to be Blogger and WordPress.  Both of these are still widely used to this day and hold a strong place in their respective focus area of blogging.  Even Myspace became a competitor for Xanga.

I think that it is important to recognize that Xanga is now trying very hard to reestablish itself in social scene.  I think that this may be in response to the emergence and importance of content in the realm of business activities.  I have now shown you some facts and opinions about Xanga, but I want to know what you think about Xanga..

Do you think they will make a big comeback, or will they fail to reemerge?  I believe that Xanga will need to become more share-friendly across social media sites if they wish to get back on the scene.  What do you think that Xanga needs to do to refocus their position?

As always leave your comments and questions that you have for me!

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