The Easiest Way to Schedule a Facebook Post and Travel Through Time

By Thomas Lashier

schedule a facebook post backdate

Become a time traveller with Facebook!

By now, you know the value of posting to your organization’s Facebook page. You are a page administrator and you’ve seen how prospects and customers interact with you on Facebook. So, you decide that you need to post more often. It’s true; posting regularly on Facebook will increase your brand’s reach and engagement with Facebook users. Last week, we even wrote about choosing the ideal time to post on Facebook in order to reach the most people. But there’s one problem…

You don’t have all day to sit around and post intriguing articles, photos, and questions on Facebook. It takes time, and you have a million other responsibilities to keep your organization moving forward. So what is a busy bee like yourself supposed to do?

Schedule your posts.

It’s that simple. You can schedule posts to be automatically posted to Facebook at a certain time on a certain date. You can even post things in the past! This means that you can easily schedule future posts around annual events like the 4th of July or Mothers Day. You can also add historic company milestones to your Facebook timeline, such as old photos from the 70’s or press mentions from the early 2000’s by backdating your posts. So fire up the DeLorean and let’s start time traveling…

1. Create Your Post

Navigate to your organization’s Facebook page and create a post you would like to share with your followers in the future (whether that’s later today or later this year). This can be a status update, a photo, a video, or some other link.

schedule a facebook post mothers day

2. Schedule This Post

Now that you have your post ready to share, you’ll need to pick a date and time to share this post. For instance, if you’re posting a photo focused on Mothers Day, you’d want to schedule this post to be published on Sunday, May 11, 2014 (Mothers Day this year… let this serve as your reminder).

To schedule your post, click on the tiny gray clock icon in the bottom left of your post box. You will see a calendar pop up, and you can choose your date. We will choose May 11th.

mothers day facebook post

After you choose the date, you can choose the time of day you’d like the post to be published. (We chose 11:00am after looking at our Insights data to find our best posting time.) Once you have the date and time selected, you can click on the blue Post button in the bottom right corner.

mothers day facebook post

After you’ve scheduled your post, you will see a pop up message explaining when your post will be published. If at any time you would like to delete your post, you can go to your Activity Log and do so. (You can access your Activity Log at any time from your organization’s Facebook Page under the “Edit Page” menu at the top of the screen.)

mothers day schedule a facebook post

Backdating a Post

But what if you want to publish a Facebook post in the past? That’s easy! You’ll need to create a post you want to publish to a prior date; in our example, we are going to post a photo of Austin and I at a Green Bay Packers game in Wisconsin from December 2012.

When you click on the tiny gray clock icon to schedule your post, you’ll need to click on the “Schedule Post” link above the date. Select that link, then click on “Backdate Post” that appears in the drop down menu.

backdate post facebook

You can now select a prior date as far back as you told Facebook your organization was founded. In our case, that goes back to 2012.

green bay packers facebook post

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only publish a post as far back as your organization was founded (according to Facebook). So if you told Facebook that you were founded in 2012, like Freaky Fresh Marketing was, then you can’t post anything to your timeline prior to 2012 because you didn’t exist in Facebook’s world. To change your date of establishment, you’ll need to go edit “Page Info” under the “Edit Settings” within the “Edit Page” menu on your company’s Facebook page.

When you are ready to publish the post, click the blue “Post” button in the bottom right. Your post will automatically be pushed down on your organization’s Facebook timeline and published on the date you selected. Our Packers photo now appears on December 16th, 2012, on our Freaky Fresh Facebook timeline. This is a great way to tell the chronological story of your organization!

One last note: you will never attract a vibrant Facebook community and improve your following simply by automating your posts. You still must engage with your following, asking questions and joining in conversations. Social media should be just that: social. So don’t turn into an automatic-posting robot… be human. Scheduling your posts can free up more time to engage with your audience!


And that’s it. It only took 2 steps and 30 seconds to become a time traveling Facebook whiz! There are a variety of automated posting software companies out there such as Buffer and HootSuite, but we will talk about that at a later date. For now, this is the easiest way to schedule a post from within Facebook.

Have you scheduled posts for your brand’s Facebook page? What is the furthest in the future (or in the past) that you’ve ever scheduled a post? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter at @FreakyFreshMktg and if we like your story, we will use it in our next blog!


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