When Should I Post On Facebook?

By Thomas Lashier


You just spent the past week putting together a content calendar to organize your Facebook posts. You crafted a perfect Facebook post to drive people to like your company’s page or visit your website, then you posted it….and bust.

No engagement.

What went wrong? How come throngs of people didn’t flock to your Facebook Page? Did anyone even see it?

In order for your carefully crafted Facebook post to have an impact, it has to be seen. In golf, you can hit a gorgeous hole-in-one, but if nobody sees it how does anyone know that it really happened? Maybe you’re just “that guy” that lies about getting hole-in-ones to aggravate the rest of us duffers…

On Facebook, you need to make sure your Facebook posts are hitting your followers’ News Feeds at the optimal time to drive the most engagement and interaction. The good news: this is possible. And it’s free. And it’s simple, as long as you are a Page administrator. We show you how to quickly find your prime posting times below:

1. View Your Facebook Page’s Insights

Sign into Facebook and navigate to your company’s Facebook page (you will need to be an Administrator of the page). Within your Admin Panel, click on “View Insights” in the top right corner to view your Insights dashboard.

Facebook Insights

2. Click On “Posts”

From within your Facebook Insights dashboard, click on the “Posts” tab along the top of the screen.

Facebook insights posting times

3. See How Many Of Your Followers Are Online Each Day

Here in the “Posts” tab, you will see how many of your followers are online each day of the week, and each hour of each day! Keep in mind that this chart only tracks your page’s followers, not all Facebook users. The chart is also based off of the past week’s activity, so this chart will change slightly from week-to-week.

Along the top of the chart, you will your total followers online each day. For instance, for our Freaky Fresh Facebook page, you will notice that more of our followers are on Facebook on Wednesday (346) than any other day. However, notice that the daily totals don’t fluctuate very much (low: 334, high: 346). Below the daily totals, you will see a light blue graph that maps the average hourly activity of your followers throughout the week. For example, 8:00pm appears to be the most active time on Facebook for Freaky Fresh’s followers throughout the week.

As you move your mouse over each day on the top of the chart, you will notice that a dark blue line will appear on the hourly activity chart below. This dark blue line shows you how active your followers are on Facebook each day. This allows you to see how each day is different for your followers, and how each day’s hourly activity compares to the weekly average. Below, you will see that on Wednesday our followers are a little less active around lunchtime and a little more active in the evening when compared to our weekly average.

facebook insights posting times

4. Post When Your Followers Are Most Active

This is pretty self-explanatory, but you should schedule your posts when your followers are most active. Continuing with our Freaky Fresh example, we should post within a 20-minute window around 8:00pm on a Wednesday. You should aim to publish your post a little before your peak activity time so that your post has the ability to drum up some engagement before the highest number of your followers are online and ready to engage with your page.

facebook insights posting time

And there it is. Easy. Keep in mind that each day is different, so we wouldn’t want to post at 8:00pm on Fridays, because 12:00pm is actually a more popular hour with our followers on a Friday. Your stats will be slightly different each week and it will depend on your page’s specific audience, so make sure to keep an eye on this chart from week-to-week. These stats are a fantastic (and free) resource for staying engaged with your followers when they are most active.

Have you used Facebook Insights to help schedule your posts before? Have you found it to be successful? Let us know in the comments below! And if you have any other marketing questions you would like to see answered about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or more, just tweet us @FreakyFreshMktg and we may feature you in this blog!


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