#FailFriday: Jell-O For Salads

By: Austin Jensen

Yep, you read the title correctly!  Who doesn’t love Jell-O?  Jell-O is known for all of their fruity flavors and even desert flavors, but back in the 1960’s the world of Jell-O was turned on its head.  How do these flavors sound to you?  Seasoned Tomato, Mixed Vegetable, Italian Salad, and even Celery.  12

So here was the idea behind Jell-O For Salads.  Jell-O thought that by only appealing as a desert entree that they were missing out on the health conscious eaters.  So they rolled out this array of flavors to appeal to those veggie fanatics.  The people at Jell-O advertised this product as a replacement for salads.  They said that instead of putting salad ingredients into a lettuce salad, you should put all of those same ingredients into their seasoned jello molds.  This makes my stomach turn, I cannot even image chewing on a spoonful of Jello and then biting into a crouton, or a pecan!


This week’s Fail Friday is a bit shorter than most, because honestly, it does not need much explanation as to why it flopped.  We cant even blame this on poor marketing.  It is simply two things that shouldn’t be used in the same sentence (salad, jello).  Just like the past few Fail Friday posts we blame this on getting to far away from your brand.  All businesses should know their strengths, and stick to those strengths.

As always we want to know what you have to say about this!  Have you tried any of these flavors?  Was it poor marketing?  Was it a poor concept?  Could it have worked if it was advertised differently?


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