Step-by-Step Guide: “Boosting” A Facebook Post

facebook marketing boost post

We’ve got that freaky fresh Facebook marketing potion!

By Thomas Lashier

We’re back with another free guide to promoting your business and this time, we’re focusing on Facebook’s “Boost Post” option. (Check out our previous post on creating custom Facebook tabs here.) If you manage a Facebook Page for a business or organization, you’ve probably seen this “Boost Post” button underneath your Page posts. We’re here to help you understand what in the world “boosting” means and how to use it effectively. In other words, we’re showing you how to be fresh… not stale. You’re welcome.

“Boosting” a post is Facebook’s way of letting you promote that post beyond it’s usual Facebook reach. It is estimated that only 16% of your followers (people who have “liked” your page) have the opportunity to see your page’s posts due to Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm. EdgeRank is the system for bringing you news and stories that are most relevant to you. Well we’re guessing that you (and your boss) want more than a measly 16% of your audience to see this post, or you wouldn’t have created this masterpiece in the first place. By “boosting” your post, you can get that post in front of more people, whether they have already liked your Facebook page or not.

1. Click on Boost Post below your post

After you’ve posted something that you want more potential prospects and customers to see, click on the “Boost Post” button in the bottom right corner of the post. For instance, a sweet NBA promotional video that everyone is sure to love…

facebook boost post

2. Select Your Audience

Once the “Boost Post” menu pops up, you’ll see that you can select which audience you would like the post to be “boosted” to. Notice that the post will automatically be “boosted” to the people that like your page. If you select the “Their Friends” option, the post will be promoted to your fans and their friends. This is a nice selection if you’re looking to quickly and easily reach people that are similar to your followers, as they are likely to have friends with similar interests.

facebook boost post audience

If you want to choose your own target audience for this particular post, select the “People you choose to target” option. This will open up another menu where you can target Facebook users by their country, age, and interests. If you have a niche market, this is a great choice because you can be very specific with you want to see your post.

facebook boost post audience

3. Choose Your Budget

After you’ve selected the audience you want your post “boosted” to, you need to set your budget. Facebook will automatically suggest a certain amount, but you can change this budget to any number you want. Notice that as you change your budget, the “Estimated People Reached” bar will change as well. If you put more money behind your “boost”, more people will be able to see it. A post will automatically be “boosted” for one day after it is first “boosted”.

facebook boost budget

4. Click Boost Post!

Once you’re comfortable with the audience and the budget for your post, just click the big blue button the bottom that says “Boost Post”! You’re off and running!

5. Measure Your Results

The beautiful thing about marketing with social media is that it lets you measure your results very easily. As you check back on your post during the day, you will see the number people who have seen the post detailed beneath the post itself. This number will grow until the budget you set it exhausted (typically within 24 hours of the first “boost”). But you can get more detailed information than the simple number of views.

If you click on the “Boost Again” button, you will get a snapshot of the people who saw and interacted with your “boosted” post. You can also see your engagement numbers, which tells you the amount of people who actually liked, clicked, shared, or commented on your post. This is very useful information, because these people are actually interacting with your content as opposed to quickly glancing at it.

You can also see things like Link Clicks, Video Plays, Page Likes, and Post Likes under the Engagement Tab. You can see demographics like gender, age, and the breakdown between men and women viewers on the Age/Gender Tab. And you can see which country was exposed to your post the most under the Country Tab.

Then, if after all that, you’d like to “boost” your post again and reach even more people… you can do that by setting your budget and clicking the big blue “Add Budget” button on the bottom.

facebook boost analytics roi

There you have it! Now you can “boost” those important posts to more than just 16% of your followers. So next time you take a picture of a cat in an ugly Christmas sweater… remember to make sure everyone, and we mean everyone, has an opportunity to see that.

If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you in our comments below! Have you “boosted” your posts before? Have you found a good return on investment? Let us know!


5 thoughts on “Step-by-Step Guide: “Boosting” A Facebook Post

    • Good question, Sam. The campaign will take money out throughout the 24 hour campaign. For instance, if you put $30 toward “boosting” your post, Facebook optimizes that $30 to last 24 hours and get the most visibility for you.

      Then, if you saw success and want to continue your campaign beyond 24 hours, you can add more money to the “boost” campaign.

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