#FAILFriday: Cosmopolitan Yogurt

By Austin Jensen

Another Halloween has come and gone, but that does not mean that we are out of scary marketing attempts!  This week we look into a popular magazine, Cosmopolitan, or as it is known on the streets, “Cosmo.”  Cosmo is a magazine targeted towards women and discusses topics such as fashion, dating tips, celebrity news, as well as sex advice.  It is the sex advice portion of the magazine that got Cosmo got into trouble.


Back in 1999, Cosmo decided to link their readers enjoyment for Cosmo’s sex tips with a fetish for edibles in the bedroom. Cosmo thought it would be a good idea to make this link a reality.  This led to the start of Cosmopolitan Yogurt.  “Sex sells” was the theory behind Cosmo’s marketing efforts.  Cosmo knew that they were considered a “sexy” magazine.  So if sex sells and Cosmo sells sex tips, then Cosmo would have no trouble branching into the dairy market.

Cosmopolitan Yogurt was on the shelves for a mere 18 months before the entire idea was trashed.  Why, did it fail?  Did Cosmo attempt to spread to far from its core strengths?  Was their marketing plan flawed?  Was there not a large enough market for what Cosmo was selling?  Is it true that sex sells in all situations?  Let us know what you think about this.



6 thoughts on “#FAILFriday: Cosmopolitan Yogurt

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