#FAILFriday: Microsoft Zune

microsoft zune

Even Ralphy wouldn’t buy a Zune.

By Thomas Lashier

Wahoo! Another Friday means another beautiful fall weekend in Iowa, but most importantly, another company’s poor marketing decisions are examined on #FAILFriday. We’ve picked on some big dogs in our previous posts, including Apple, McDonald’s, and Pepsi. Today we continue that trend by questioning Microsoft’s marketing of their mp3 music player, the Zune.

The Zune was released in 2006 and was meant to go head-to-head with Apple’s wildly successful mp3 player, the iPod. The iPod was dominating the mp3 music space, and they were cornering the market with their iTunes music store, which was quickly becoming the first place people turned to when looking for new music. While the Zune had some nice features, including being able to share music from one player to another, it lacked the iPod’s design simplicity and felt less intuitive than Apple’s product. To make matters worse, the Zune is not compatible with iTunes, barring Zune’s users from the world’s largest online music store. As of October 18th, 2013, there was not in a Zune listed in the Top 40 most popular mp3 players on Amazon.com.

So why has the Zune failed? Did it’s less intuitive design hurt it? Was it because the Zune doesn’t integrate with iTunes? Did Microsoft enter the mp3 arena too late? Was it the semi-creepy commercial below? Let us know your thoughts! We’d also love to hear from anyone who owns (or has owned) a Zune! Leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter. And happy Friday!


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