#FailFriday: Snapple And A Giant Melting Popsicle

snapple melting popsicle

By Thomas Lashier

#FailFriday is back! (Check out our previous posts here.) And even though summer has turned to fall here in Des Moines, Iowa, the team at Freaky Fresh still loves a good popsicle from time to time. The trouble is, these popsicles melt if you don’t eat them fast enough. But everybody knows that, right?

Apparently, the good people at Snapple do not. You may not have heard about this, but back in 2005 Snapple almost flooded Times Square in New York City with an enormous melting popsicle. The Snapple marketing team was looking for a fresh, newsworthy way of bringing more attention to the Snapple brand. They decided to create a 25-foot tall, 17.5 ton popsicle out of frozen Snapple and put it in front of thousands of people in Times Square. Creative? Yes, but practical… no.

As it turns out, it was 80 degrees in Manhattan that day. The gigantic popsicle began to melt before the Snapple team was even able to put it in place. Soon, 17.5 tons of kiwi-strawberry Snapple was flooding areas of downtown Manhattan. The popsicle was melting so quickly that the New York Fire Department had to be called in to close off streets and try to clean up the sticky mess.

So where did this creative idea go wrong? Should the Snapple team have planned this debut for a colder day? Could they have handed out a thousand smaller popsicles to the crowd at Times Square instead? Snapple doesn’t even sell popsicles; could they have promoted one of their actual products instead? Let us know who or what is to blame for this sticky FAIL in the comments below!


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