1st VIDEO Blog: Big Facebook Report Coming Your Way…

By Thomas Lashier

Uh-oh. Now you have to see my face instead of just read my writing. I’m sorry.

However, I’m excited to announce that we are coming out with a brand new report focused on increasing your company’s Facebook reach through Facebook Ads, contests, and promotions! This report will be aimed at beginners who may not have any experience promoting their brands through Facebook. It focuses on some work we’ve done with a local company called Growers Edge, and you can learn more about them by clicking on our Case Studies tab. Some highlights of the report will include:

– Gaining close to 600 Facebook Likes in only 3 weeks

– Gaining over 1,000 interactions from fans on just one single Facebook promotion

– Reaching over 60,000 potential customers through our Facebook engagement

Check back here on this blog next week when the report is released! (We will also be sending updates through Facebook and Twitter.) And if you want this report to come straight to your inbox, just sign up to receive an email from us on the right hand side of this page. Talk to you soon!

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