RT “@Superman: Social Media Won’t Save The World”

man of steel superman tweet twitter

What would you tweet at Superman?

By Thomas Lashier

Perhaps you’ve already seen the latest installment in the Superman series: Man of Steel. Through its first weekend, it grossed over $125 million to record the biggest June opening of any movie, ever. I saw it last Friday (it’s good) and it got me thinking: what if Superman had social media?

Social media is a fantastic tool. It allows for near-instant communication with friends, businesses, and celebrities alike. It is revolutionizing customer interaction and customer service. If you had a question about your Nike order 15 years ago, you shipped your order back and waited at home to hear from some lowly Nike staffer. Today, you can tweet @NikeSupport and get instant help wherever you are on your computer, phone, or tablet. Social media can do that, and it can open up a limitless array of avenues to interact with customers and businesses. This is why we love it!

But back to Superman. What if he had a Twitter account? What would you tweet to him? Wouldn’t everyone start bombarding the man? Sure some might be legitimate, such as “@Superman My house is on fire! Help!” and being the genuinely caring guy he is depicted to be, I’m sure he would love to help. However, wouldn’t there also probably be a lot of not-so-life-and-death requests? I can imagine “@Superman I didn’t do my Isaac Newton report. Help?” and “@Superman My waffle-maker is on the fritz again. Can you take a look? Really feeling some waffles today.” These idiotic requests would eventually drown out the real ones and I’d imagine Superman would just turn off his iPhone altogether. People in real danger would suffer because Superman couldn’t break through the multitude of phony requests.

There is actually a scene in this newest movie where Superman is overwhelmed with the thoughts, voices, and visions of the people around him. As he can see and hear everything, it becomes too much to handle and he retreats to be alone. He has to learn to channel his focus into his specific mission so that he doesn’t get distracted by all the noise constantly going on around him.

And that’s how it needs to be with social media. We need to focus on our exact mission as an organization (or individual) and use social media to help us get there, or our businesses will suffer. It’s a great tool, but we need to remember that it is one of many tools. It’s not the whole marketing package. You still need an engaging voice, good people-to-people skills, intriguing content, and a quality team among many other things. There are an ever-growing number of social media sites and applications, but it would be wise to focus on your core strengths and your core customers before diving into every single site. If you focus on too many touch-points, you really aren’t focusing on any. And your business will be hurt from being spread too thin. You may even say it requires lazer-vision focus… sorry.

The marketing world, myself included, gets caught up in all the advantages of social media. While they are impressive, they won’t save the world by themselves. Superman needs to focus on his exact mission and so do we.

What would you tweet at Superman if he had a Twitter account? Leave your tweets in the comments!


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