Get More Likes: Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Custom Tab for Your Company Facebook Page

By Thomas Lashier

So here’s a little project that the team at Freaky Fresh has been working on in recent weeks: how do we encourage more fans to “like” our Facebook Page? And how can we direct them outside of Facebook to our actual web page? And if this web page offers boat loads of valuable content, should we “gate” this content on Facebook? (For Facebook newbs, “gating” content means that somebody must “like” your Facebook page before gaining access to your content.) Whoa… too many questions.

To solve our little dilemma, we decided to create our own custom tab and gate it. This means we would (hopefully) accumulate more likes in order to get instant access to some pretty sick. How did we do that? It’s easy. Take a gander:

1. Login to Facebook and visit the Static iframe Tab application within Facebook. This application creates custom iframe tabs (without any coding) for Facebook Pages, and millions of pages already use it. When you’re on the page, click “Install Page Tab”.

custom facebook tab iframe

2. On the next page you will be asked which Facebook Page you’d like to assign the custom tab to. Select your chosen Facebook Page from the drop down menu, then click “Add Page Tab”.

custom iframe facebook tab

3. Now you will be inside the custom tab settings. Here you need to select the source of your new tab. We chose “URL”, so that anyone who clicked on this tab could see our external page without leaving Facebook. You can also choose Redirect, Image, or write your own HTML. (Don’t worry, explanations of each option pop up below as you click through them.)

custom facebook tab iframe settings

4. As you scroll down, you will see options for gating your content. You can Fan Gate (requires a “like” to access content), Friend Gate (visitors’ friends then need to be fans to access your content), or Form Gate (requires a form to be filled out before accessing content).

If you choose to gate your content, you have options as to how you do it. You can show “denied” guests a URL or an image. We chose to show an image which encouraged people to “like” us for immediate access to the content!

5. At the bottom of the settings page, you will see that you can change the Tab Name and Tab Image. Make sure you keep the image within the size requirements (111 px wide by 74 px tall) or your picture won’t show up properly.

Now, just click “Save Settings” and you’re good to go! Check out our completely new tab for our blog!

Play around with this new tab to see if you want it to be gated or free for anyone to access. Make sure tab leads to the proper URL. Most of all, have fun and keep it fresh! You can now customize your Facebook Page any way you want, so take advantage and get those likes!


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