A Blog On Why Blogs Suck

by Thomas Lashier

Blogging sucks. You know it, I know it. But marketing experts everywhere keep shoving down our throats the idea that blogs are a great way to “become a thought leader in your industry” and disseminate information. In theory, this is true. However, so many people use blogs to just repeat what somebody else blogged about two hours ago… so now we’re all drowning in a bunch of boring articles floating around out there. Here’s why blogging today sucks:

Most bloggers don’t know how to write. I hate long, boring, run-on sentences that never end and try to keep your attention but fail and don’t really understand how to use a comma or a semi-colon because if you want to be credible you should know how to write intelligently about your topic but too many strain your focus with long sentences that lead nowhere and just waste seconds if not minutes off of your life. Those are the worst, and they make me just want to yell “USE A DAMN PERIOD” or “KEEP THESE RANDOM TANGENTS IN YOUR HEAD” but I can’t because I’m not in front of their face, because I’m reading this online or on my phone, and this make me more frustrated, and then I hate the blog even more, and I refuse to keep reading them. It’s annoying.

While were on the topic of writing, blogs suck because bloggers doesn’t know how to use the grammar. If their trying to be a thought leader you would of thunk they could express they’re thoughts more easily. Misspelings and and duplicate words are the quickest way to have me leave you’re paige. Use the spellcheck and read thew your work before posting.

Now, links in the blog are typically a good thing. They can support what you’re saying and offer the reader a more interactive experience. I hate when people don’t use links at all. But I hate it even more when a link leads someone away from your page. This sucks. You worked hard to have them land on your page, and then you are going to reference a link that leads them away?! It’s easy to have that link pop up in another window. Do that and don’t suck.

You know what else is stupid? Not including any photos in your blog. It turns your blog into an eye-sore.

Am I right?

I’m getting worked up here. Before I go calm down with a margarita-infused meditation session, I’ll leave you with one more thing that sucks: determining how often to blog. How do you know? Well, I’ve developed a few helpful hints: If you don’t have anything new or interesting to share, don’t blog. If you are blogging 3 times per day, you suck. If you’re blogging 3 times per year, you suck. Find a happy medium, but make sure you’re stuff isn’t a soul-sucking black hole.

Another sucky thing? Pictures that have absolutely no relevance to your article

Another sucky thing? Pictures that have absolutely no relevance to your article.

Bonus tip: Always make sure to ask for feedback or questions from your audience. Forgetting that would be the worst thing you can do.


6 thoughts on “A Blog On Why Blogs Suck

  1. Love this article, thanks. I’m always trying to bring a “fresh” approach to our blog and agree that there’s too many bloggers that don’t really care if their thoughts go straight to their blog without any kind of filtering process. Might have to make a poster of your “KEEP THESE RANDOM TANGENTS IN YOUR HEAD” and post it above my desk.

    • Thanks for the love, At Net Media! From the looks of things, you guys are on the right track and I look forward to seeing what else you come up with! If you manage to get a poster of that quote, let me know! I could use one too…

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